Top 5 Cool laptop backpacks for men and women

It is not easy for everyone to find a cheap and durable backpack or bag for laptop and MacBook. A laptop backpack has become a need for anyone who has a laptop or MacBook, etc. Laptops have a pretty look and peoples search for the best and cool laptop backpacks.

We have reviewed some best and cool laptop backpacks who can be used for men and women. In this list, we have given an automatic position or number of all laptop backpacks. Also, check out this post that we have written about the best laptop backpacks for travel.

1- Markryden Water-proof Business Laptop Backpack

Cool laptop backpacks for men and women

 Quick review:

 Brand: Mark Ryden

 Model: MR9031SJ

 Color: black

 Size:  12.6×6.3×19.7inch(L*W*H)

 Weight: 1.10 kg

 Mark Ryden offers lots of the best backpacks/bags for laptops. This laptop backpack also comes from this. The backpack has all features that peoples want from it during travel and any other journey. This backpack has black and 3 extensive pockets. The skin of the backpack is very soft and plaint. This is a cool laptop backpack for men and women.

There,s a large capacity with 12.6×6.3×19.7inch(L*W*H). The main pocket is for your laptop and iPad. This can easily hold yours under 17.3 inches laptop, iPad, mobile phone, notebook, etc. A quick-access pocket with the keyring feature on the top of the bag is for your glasses, wallet, and other accessories.

The backpack is made with heavy-duty new generation material that is fully waterproof and water resistance. You can also use it for your school and college backpack. It,s durable zippers that will keep safe your laptop, iPad, mobile phone, documents, and all things from water drops. Another amazing thing is that you can make this backpack like a luggage bag by holding it,s handle.  

There is an Adjustable buckle waist strap that keeps the backpack fixed on your body. The USB port allows you to charge your phone, laptop, and all electrical devices during out of home, traveling, hiking, trip, etc 

To code Unisex Laptop Backpack for School & Travel

Cool laptop backpacks for men and women

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Quick review:

Brand: To code

Dimension: 19 x 13 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Model number: TD-2225-Black

The unisex laptop backpack is offered by To code. The backpack has a pretty look with it,s great extensive storage. There are 3 large compartments and 11 inner small pockets. You can easily store your 17-inch laptop, or Macbook, and 2-3 sets of clothes, various magazines, books, pens, cameras, keys, wallets, an umbrella, etcThis coll laptop backpack is used for men and women.

It has 2 side pockets for holding water bottles and 1 hidden anti-theft pocket at the back of the bag. It,s bid capacity and roomy compartments allow you to keep your gear secure,

 Using this laptop backpack will give you a comfortable experience. This is also ideal for cycling, travel, day hikes and it can also be used as a university or school bag. This laptop backpack is made by water repellent and 2double way zippers.  It’s suited to be a school backpack, work backpack or a travel backpack.

You can fit your power bank with it,s internal cable and charge you mobile, phone and headset easily. 

Aduds 15.6inch Cool Laptop Backpack

Cool laptop backpacks for men and women

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Quick review:

Brand: Aduds

Material: waterproof polyester

size: 18 * 12 * 6 inches

weight: 1.6LBS

Color: Black

Aduds offers the best and durable cool laptop backpack for 15.6 inches laptop. The backpack is made of waterproof polyester in black color. The high-quality material is used to develop it who makes it 1680D bulletproof. This laptop backpack is ideal for traveling, hiking, business, work, school, college, and other purposes.

Exact match all the needs that you want. Large capacity for putting everything separate and easy success at the time of need. It has 4 large compartments and other small pockets for small items.

The large allocated compartment is for your 15.6-inch laptop and MacBook. And the other big pocket you can use to store your clothes, books and who you want. For sunglasses, torch, small diary, and documents, two medium and small pockets are separate. Besides of backpack two pockets for keeping your water bottles.

This laptop backpack has Mattel zippers who are durable and comfortable to easily open/close it. Adjustable straps, hanging clasps, comfortable handheld, and multi-panel airflow back are the best features for an excellent laptop backpack. The USB port is made for charging laptops, iPads, and other devices. Please remember that you need to buy a power bank for this. This is the best and cool laptop backpack for men and women.

Matein Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

Cool laptop backpacks for men and women

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Quick review:

Brand: Matein

Color: Charcoal Black(and 8 more)

Dimension: 18.1 x 14.1 x 7.8 inch

Price: Check

The backpack is offered by Matein that has a great ranking position in amazon seller brands. This laptop backpack is suitable for men, women, and people of all ages, as someone in middle school, and high school, as well as it does for college.  And ideal for college, school, business, trips, hiking, camping, office work, and everyday using.

It has 3 separate compartments which are very useful for putting everything. The first main compartment has a separate layer for holding your laptop, MacBook, and large tablet about 15.6 inches and less. Also, you can store your clothes and big accessories in this compartment. The second compartment is for your iPad, headphone box, books, and other things. The front pocket is for your pens, glasses, wallet, small diary, etc. There are some small and hidden anti-theft pockets for expensive things like a passport. 

ent to charge anywhere.

The size of this laptop backpack is 18.1 x 14.1 x 7.8 inches and capacity is 32L. It will perfectly fit a 15.6inch laptop, MacBook, and all kinds of books. However, if you have a laptop up to 15.6 inches so you can get it from this seller, only visit this backpack,s page and you will see 17 inches laptop backpacks beside it.

There is another great feature that it has a space to lock it with a small lock if needed. It would be difficult for anyone to crack it. they would need to cut the backpack open and want what’s inside. This cool laptop backpack can be a great gift for your friends and lovers.

Sosoon 15.6-17 inches TSA friendly laptop backpack

Cool laptop backpacks for men and women

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Quick review:

Brand: Sosoon

Color: Black

Size: 20*13.8*8.6 inches

TSA friendly: Yes

The backpack has 5 pockets and to extra side pockets. The main compartment is for your 15.6- 17 inches laptop and clothes, etc. You can hold your clothes, books, and big items in large compartments who offers a very roomy space. The front compartment has many small pockets for putting pens, wallet, small books, dairies, and other small items. In the front pocket, a key holder is the best option to make safe and secure your keys. In the side pockets, you can keep your water bottles during travel and going to school, college. It,s luggage strap makes it more valuable to carry it with a suitcase anywhere.

At the right side, shoulder strap a pocket has allocated for cards and the left side strap has a hook for sunglasses and pen.    

The backpack is designed checkpoint-friendly which allows you to unfold this 90-180 degrees. Like other bags, this laptop backpack has a USB charging and earphone port that allow you to charge your electronic devices anytime. You need to buy a power bank and fit this in the bag. Connect USB charging port with power bank and connect your device to the power cable and enjoy it. The other great thing is that this backpack is offered by Sosoon, Who gives you extra benefits. If you purchase any backpack of Sosoon and it don,t fit or work expected, you can easily replace it or you can get your full money back. If you are interested in this backpack so let’s go and buy it soon before it is unavailable.   

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