Guide for buying the best leather laptop backpack

If you are looking for a guide for buying the best leather laptop backpack that is durable and sturdy leather laptop backpack or backpack/bag that is a perfect choice for men, women, and ideal as a school laptop backpack, college laptop backpack, and for trips, traveling, and business travel, etc. But before looking for a perfect leather backpack for your laptop or laptop computer you need a guide for the ideal backpack. So let’s get started for a perfect guide for a durable laptop backpack.

guide for buying best leather laptop backapck

Here are six things you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect leather laptop backpack:

Laptop Size: 

The first thing you should do is measure your laptop to know the size of the bag/backpack you need. Unfortunately, this is heavily dependent on whether you use a laptop with a large screen (a 17-inch laptop) or a really small and compact netbook computer (usually a 7-inch screen) or anything in between. While you can get by if you buy a bigger laptop bag than you need, a bag that’s too small is useless and it’s going to remain that way unless you move to a smaller computer at some time in the future. If you’re unsure, the best thing you can do is take your laptop along when you go to buy the backpack (if you’re going to a mall/store). If you’re buying online and want to be sure, check your manufacturer’s site it would list all the details about your laptop model, including the dimensions.


A key difference between a laptop bag/backpack and a regular bag of any type is that a computer bag will usually have a special compartment for the computer that is specially padded to absorb shocks and keep your computer safe. In addition to this, it would also have a restraining strap held in place by Velcro. This strap is similar to a seatbelt for your computer.  Once you slide your laptop into the padded compartment, then you put on the restraining strap to ensure your laptop does not move around, even if you’re holding your bag upside down. Don’t worry if the bag you like doesn’t have padding or a separate laptop compartment. There are padded protective sleeves you can always buy separately. It just means that you’ll need to put your laptop in a protective sleeve and then, put the protective sleeve into the bag. If you can live with that, it opens up your options for bags manifold.


 While this may not seem like a big deal when you’re buying the bag/backpack, you must make sure that the straps for holding/carrying the bag are comfortable. You’re going to be carrying a laptop in the bag, so it will take some effort on your part to carry the weight. The more comfortable the straps, the easier the effort will seem and the less likely you will be to have shoulder pains / sore hands.


 Do check and verify for yourself that the leather on the exterior of the bag/backpack does not feel too soft or you’re going to find yourself with a bag you need to worry about more than you did about your laptop. While you are looking for a leather laptop bag and not a gunny sack, you do want a bag that can take a reasonable amount of abuse.


 You should check on the warranty your laptop backpack that comes with, especially if you spend over $100 on it. Here’s a leather backpack where the company provides a 100-year warranty on their bags. The bags are expensive, but with a warranty like that, you should never need to buy another bag/backpack because the old one was too worn out to use any more.


 Maybe this should have been higher up on the list, but I feel the other factors listed were more important. If you do have a budget in mind that you cannot exceed, you may want to start your search based on the price. There are no point spending hours to finding the perfect bag/backpack for your laptop just to discover it’s out of your price range. On the brighter side though, there are options available for nearly every price range you can think of there are some great bags/backpacks for under $30, under $50, over $200, and some up, but you can find a durable leather laptop backpack under $100.

Now we hope you will understand our Guide for buying the best leather laptop backpack. In conclusion, keeping these six points as your checklist, you can rest easy knowing you picked up the right leather laptop bag/backpack for your needs and can look great being both functional and fashionable with your new purchase.

Happy Shopping and do leave your comments below – I’d love to hear them.

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