swissgear travel gear 1900 scansmart TSA laptop backpack review

Whether you are a traveler, hobbyist hiker, cycler or just an office person who needs to carry his work laptop, you will need a comfortable backpack. Which you will use a long time for your travel or something else. But most people worry while choosing the best laptop backpack and don,t know what to do. If you are also from those peoples don,t worry your guide is here for choosing the best laptop bag. We are going to write a helpful swissgear travel gear 1900 scan smart TSA laptop backpack review that will help for reaching to the goal. For more information to buy a laptop backpack you can read this laptop backpack buying guide. So let’s take a survey at this SWISSGEAR 1900 scan smart TSA friendly travel laptop backpack.

swissgear travel gear 1900 scan smart TSA laptop backpack review

swissgear travel gear 1900 scansmart TSA laptop backpack review

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The swissgear 1900 scan smart bag is the most popular backpack for carrying the laptop, tablet, clothes, and books, etc.  So first of all the color of the bag is black and made by Polyester material which is a variety of semi water-resistant and mix of fabric and polyester with the foam pad. It is not completely water-resistant but can brush light rain. The backpack has lots of pockets and compartments for stuffing anything in it.

The main compartment can be used to keep up to 17 inches of laptop and MacBook or clothes, shoes and other big items. The second compartment is for your iPad, mobile phone, books, pens, and some small items. Two mesh pockets at both sides for putting water bottles and hanging your umbrella. On the front of this backpack, two pockets top one is 8-inches deep and the bottom one has multiple pockets inside it. The bottom pocket is extended a short snippet from the backpack surface to fit more stuff inside it. One regular detachable and one D-ring keychain inside the pocket.

It’s divided into three expanding file style compartments to fit almost everything you will need. You can also set up one more laptop in this backpack, clothes, hiking needs, a DSLR or any combination of your like. There is a zippered pocket that extends till the end of the bag followed by a bottle holder with a strap lock. There is also a compartment for the tablet which is wide about 7 inches and 10 inches in length. This material is stretchable so you should be able to fit up to half to quarter-inch wider than this length, just want to add, although this can set even all the way.

It’s very sturdy and comes with great back padding and a deep airflow tunnel, along with mesh backed straps to allow for airflow around your shoulders. The straps are comfortable when wearing the pack, and the seams are soft and don’t cut to arms. Rugged molded grab handle, contoured shoulder straps with built-in suspension, airflow and heavy padded back panel are most professional features.

The other thing is that this laptop backpack is TSA friendly and fits under the airplane seat. This swissgear 1900 travel laptop backpack will make your travel, trip, hiking, school journey, and cycling further easy and successful. this very lightweight backpack can a good choice if you, re for a gift for your friend and lover.


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